Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog Adinda: semak

Blog Adinda: semak: "apahal korang nak heboh-2 cerita pasal aku ? apa yg korng nak sbenarnya weyy ?! apa yg korng tak puas haty sgt dgn aku . knp GRO-2 kat pub t..."

they see me rolling they hatin..trolololololololololololo

Pirate's of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

My movie of the month, Pirate's of the Carrebbean: On Stranger Tides, and dare i say its one of the best movies I've seen since 'Inception'.

POTC starts off with cap'n jack sparrow (Johnny Depp) ***king with everyone as usual and setting off on a course to the fountain of youth. Accompanied by Angelica (Penelope Cruz) the notorious Black Beard while encountering enemies that range from The Spanish Armada to beautiful exotic mermaids *drools*.

The action in the POTC is on the same level as the fight scenes between Edward and Jacob only there's 20times more of it in this one movie. Expect explosions, awkward running, betrayal and lil' bits of romance to spicen up the 2hours+ you'll be nestling you're tushy on that comfy chair of yours. The tomatometer gave it a 35% Q_Q but the viewers gave it 65% so i'm going with the majority this time =D.

~this dude's not in it btw ^^~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


we often vision ourselves as doing the right thing, from the words we sputter from our sensual lips to the way raise our hands to greet someone. but no matter how right or perfect we think we are, there's always a 0.00000234% or was being wrong. but we must also accept the fact that others aren't perfect too. some say that the pen is mightier than the sword, others consider the tongue to be the most lethal weapon but it doesn't matter how harsh the words are, words are just words. they don't chop off your arm or send you flying 1000 feet off the ground. so just let the words slide by and always think kindly of others. the benefit of the doubt is hugely underrated nowadays. when a stranger helps us with something the first thing that goes through our minds is.. 'what's he up to?' or 'i don't any change' but truth he just pitied us carrying those heavy plastics bags from SOGO.. we tend to think about what others are doing and than start to condemn and condiscend. lets just think more about what we do and not judge what others are doing. my emotions are what you could call stable right now and being told that i REACT too much didn't make my day, but i gotta be strong and not let others get to me, like i said, nobody's perfect, especially me. so let me bow my head in shame and ask for forgiveness from everybody i hurt.WITH or WITHOUT intensions. lets keep it real people.. xD

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the kid

Dejected, full of disgust and hatred john walks down the windy path connecting the old tavern that was once a pharmacy and his old man's place situated on a stout hill just past the red mail box. The air was freezing and a black cat kept following him, gently grazing its head on john's right ankle every once in while, purring softy. He didn't take notice of the feline, he was too dazed, too numb from the catastrophe hitting him like a tonne of bricks screaming down from a 20 story building. His life has changed. Upon arriving at his destination he lazily open's the squeaky gate he promised his mom to fix since last December. Swiftly entering the old cottage that he called home, tip toeing on the asymmetric floorboards as to not wake the dozing inhabitants, his plan failed, he could see the blurry silhouette of his big boned mother slowly wavering too and fro from her sleepiness, "are you alright honey?"she asked. John just nodded and headed straight to his room. After slowly shutting the door after himself, John just stood there, staring into nothingness, with a glimpse of hope that he might see a light, showering him in happiness, but his attempts were vein. Tears came gushing out of his clear blue eyes, he couldn't stop them even if he wanted to. He fell on his back and gazed at the ceiling with his phone closely wrapped round his strong fingers with a text message clear as day wrote 'its over,John, i'm going 2 the US tomorrow n i cnt stand a long distance relationship, gd bye tc ily'. John just lay there still as a brainless scarecrow till he felt a burning sensation in his left eye, it was morning and the sun had pierced through his curtains like a dagger to he heart. He looked at his phone again, hoping that last night was just a dream, it wasn't. He heard a knock on the door, it was his little sister calling him down for breakfast. He said he didn't want any and jumped on his bed, wrapped himself with the comforter he had since the last decade and fell into a deep sleep. He woke up a couple of times after hearing his mother's worried voice knocking on the door, accompanied by his father soothing words, telling her that their son was alright and will come to them when he's ready. John wanted so much to go and hug his plump mother, but his heartache was too strong, so all he did was cry himself back to sleep. When he realized that he was awake and looked at the grandfather clock his uncle gave him for christmas, God knows why, it was already 11.30 and the sky was pitch black. He suddenly got up and thought "i'm gonna see her,i'm not going to let this go". Putting on his leather jacket and shirt his mom gave him on his birthday tiptoed once more down those stairs and snatched his dad's car keys from the key rack and quietly made his way to the car. Then he thought, while starting the car, won't it wake his parents up? So he went back and swapped the keys for his dad's old motorcycle. It wasn't the hottest steel on wheels you'd ever seen but at least he could push it to the old tavern and start it up there. John started the engine and waited for it to heat up, lighting up his cigarette he hopped on and made his way to his destination, which would take him about 2 hours by train. John had already googled the route and saved it in his phone. Stopping at a gas station he filled his motorcycle and was on the road. He shivered every few minutes from the extreme cold but kept the pace. He flew passed trucks and lorries but was no match for the BMW's and Mercedes, he kept on going for an hour he got tired and stopped at a resting spot under a flyover, just passed the Southampton exit, the area was clean but not illuminated enough for John to see where he was going and tripped on a rock, cursing the promising lump of molten lava, John took out his packet of cigarettes, and when he was about to light one up, he felt like he had to look up, for no reason what so ever he just lifted his sight and witnessed an object, flying from a moving car. It landed right beside him with a big thud, John looked at it, bewildered, it was like a 1.5L bottle of Dr Pepper wrapped round tonnes of newspaper. It moved "that freaking thing just moved", John thought. He steadied himself and picked the newspaper wrapped soda bottle-like thing and opened it up, it was a baby,"a freaking baby!"John thought, its left hand had a large scratch right above it's wrist and had blood running down between its eyebrows, crying, screaming from the top of its voice, "your gonna be alrite lil one" John softly whispered while taking off his jacket amd wrapping the poor baby up. He than took off his shirt off, leaving him with just his singlet as a heat barrier, tore of the left sleeve of his Armani shirt and made a tourniquet out of it, he then gently but firmly wraps it above the little infants torn skin softly repeating "its gonna be alrite, don't be scared, uncle John's with you" ..(to be continued)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why do we fall down, Bruce?

my most recent status currently....i don't have any actual reasons for posting it...just sounded very wise...not the question..but the answer..

"so we can learn to pick ourselves back up again"

simple..subdtle and not the least bit corny...well to me...

for those of you who are still scratching your heads, making wierd faces and have their mouse on that big fat juicy red 'X'..just gimme a few seconds to explain what i'm blabbering about..xD

it's a line from one of the BATMAN sagas..Batman Begins...but i don't wanna talk about the can find a good review on 'the rotten tomatoes' show'

ever fallen down?i mean literally fall..with the help from our dear friend gravity accompanied by uncle pavement?with hundreds of eyes watching that minimum would u get back to your feet?would do tumble rolls and act like it was all planned from the huge THUD to the little blisters on almost every square inch of your left elbow?would u lie down and look at the sky and wait till nobody's looking to painfully ease your way to your feet?or just stand up brush off the rubble from the massive whole in the ground you just left and walk away like there's another 2hours for your next lecture?

the way we move on after an incident in our lives shows how much we have really it it bitter or it heart warming or liver wrenching..the most important thing is that what we learn from what happened..and try to move a better and more fulfilling life..

never fret because there's always a reason for everything...everything..never think that you should have done something..but you haven't..just pick yourself up..and move on BRO!!

if a clenched fist comes at you at the exact speed of 120mph with a 67 degree angle from the south west of your face..a lesson should be'd better not call a body builder gay for the rest of your life..if you can still talk after that, that is..a life is more fulfilling with a full set of teeth wouldn't you agree?

this is just my can hate it love it or worship it..i'm not gonna say i don't care because i do..pleasant day i bid to thee ^_^

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Not WorThy

i am proud to say that i was once an active member of the best organisation in Univeristi Kebangsaan Malaysia..Urusetia Pembangunan Sumber Manusia(UPSM) but due to certain restraints..i had to pull myself out..i planned bout it for some while though..
UPSM has given me things that i couldn't imagine i could get anywhere friendship..UPSM trained me to become a trainer and eventhough i 'm not qualified to train anyone..i do have the basic knowledge of the field..
UPSM has shaped me to who i am now..but even with all the knowledge i curently have..i'm not sure how i'm going to hold the burden of becoming the president of Micribiology Cub..this is by far the most straight forward post from witty crafty insults..just me speaking my mind bout this current issue..and i just want support from every member of the right the wrongs of our shed some light on the narrow mind set of our beloved microbiologists to be...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

SiLveR LinIngs ArE eVerywHere..

yesterday wasn't da best day of my was hectic..exhausting..and at times painful..da whole nite was a stress for me..pressure was squashing me like a giant hammer smashing a lemon...

but ALHADULILLAH..all praise be to Him...i endured it with frens..and my first like to thank my deputy...Khairul for always being there whenever i needed him..Que for the advice and smacks in the face i needed...Faiq for accepting to help at such notice..adib for helping out khairul with the bus arrangements...i would also like to thank all who have helped in making last night's dinner a success...i guess u could call it that...
you might think that i'm a wuss complaining bout this..and i am...technically..but not at heart...huuuuuuuuuu..

after taking care of my duties of the night..i was blessed with the opportunity to have a chat over a cup of coffee with Al-Akh Kadir(the lorry driver)..he's what we call a karkun (or tabligh for those of u aren't familiar with the word)..and goes out in the road of ALLAH azzawajal...he so kindly shared some stories..bout how he heard some speeches on his journeys..
and i shared my feelings for the
 night...and asked for advise..all he said bout it have a calm heart..just positively(husnuzzhan) or give the benefit of the doubt while asking for forgiveness (istghfar)..

reminding ourselves that we are not perfect and look to improve ourselves than i;m sharing it with anyone who has eyes and can read..
after the chat..we went our separate ways..where wished each other peace and blessings with giving each other a big hug..

i went back to room with a calm heart..felt like crying thinking bout how foolish i was.thinking so badly of others..i hope to become stronger from this..and become a better muslim..